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We are happy to serve St. Louis for over 30 years.


KR Products has a rich corporate history of more than 30 years experience as an industry leader with more than 350 worldwide distributors. KR Products began in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry. Since then, the company has branched from the dry-cleaning field into:  Air Filtration, Evaporative Coolers, Cooling Tower Systems & Water Chillers



1978: We DEVELOP a refrigeration system that recovers solvent
emissions from dry-cleaning plants.

1983:  We INTRODUCE air-cooled packaged water chillers.

1990:  The EPA incorporates OUR technology into the
1990 Clean Air Act.

2000: All Perc dry-cleaning machines INCORPORATE the
KR Products refrigeration design.
2002 UL Listed

2009: All water chiller production COMPLIES with the Montreal
Protocol by using R-410A refrigerant