Cooling Water Towers


Lightweight and Compact

KR Products’ Cooling Towers are available in models from 8 to 1,000 tons. Our round design permits maximum air intake regardless of wind direction

The housing panels and water basin are built of fiberglass reinforced plastic ensuring rust free, long-term performance even under of the most severe environmental conditions.The KR Products Cooling Tower provides quick and easy installation. Job site assembly is simplified by the modular design of all components. Aerodynamically designed propeller-type fan blades are used to conserve power and assure quiet operation. Fan motor is weather proofed and totally enclosed providing a more efficient long-term performance.

  • Quick and Easy To Install
  • Aerodynamically Designed
  • Propeller Type Fan Blades
  • Industrial Rated and Proven
  • High Heat Transfer Efficiency
  • Non-rusting FRP Casting and Basin with a Streamline Look

Key Features


Design Features

The non-rusting FRP casing and basin, circular in shape, eliminates special installation requirements.  Prevailing wind directions will not affect tower performance.


Casing: Easy access through casing simplifies cleaning.  Individual fiberglass panels are stainless steel bolted together for periodic wash down and general clean up. The CTS FRP Cooling Tower is designed for durability and long life even under the most severe environmental weather conditions.


Fan Blades: Aerodynamically designed propeller type fan blades are used to conserve power and assure quiet operations. CTS models CT-8 through CT-30 feature a factory balanced ABS plastic blade. CTS models CT-40 and above feature an all aluminum alloy adjustable fan.


 Fan Drive: CTS models CT-8 through CT-200 have direct drive fan motors. CTS models CT-225 and larger feature a unique belt drive, designed to reduce noise levels, with optional gear drives.


Water Distribution System:CTS models CT-8 through CT- 60 use an ABS plastic sprinkler with stainless steel shaft. CTS models CT-70 and above use an aluminum alloy sprinkler head. Both types of sprinkler head require little or no head pressure loss and minimum maintenance.


Inlet Louvers: Non-rusting PVC plastic mesh provides easy access to sump while preventing foreign objects from entering water basin.


Ladder: Provided for maintenance and inspection accessibility to fan and sprinkler systems.  (Models CT-40 and above.)


Fill Material: Honeycomb heat-embossed PVC is formed to permit high heat transfer efficiency.  The CTS fill is suitable for operation with inlet water temperatures of 125° F.  For higher temperatures, contact your representative for quote.


Cost Efficiency & High Performance


A. The fan motor is weather-proofed and totally enclosed allowing for less noisy and more efficient long-term performance.

B. The sprinkler pipes are sturdy PVC material pierced with closely spaced holes allowing thorough distribution of water in a rotating spray covering the entire surface of the filler.

C. The round design permits maximum air intake regardless of wind direction.

D. Efficient operation results from the smooth pumping of re-circulated water through the stand pipe and up into the sprinkler pipes.

E. Housing panels and water basin are built of fiberglass-reinforced plastic ensuring rust-free long-term performance even under the most severe environmental conditions.

F. The efficiently designed PVC filler creates a surface area that allows for maximum dispersion of water and creates a superior cooling effect.

G. A large-capacity, durable water basin constructed from rustproof fiberglass reinforced plastic guarantees low maintenance and long-term operation.

H. A large diameter outlet pipe draws a constant supply of cooled water from the basin to serve the facility.