DC 15-20 Ton Packaged Chiller with Internal Tank & Pump


DC 15-20 Ton Packaged Chiller

Construction Features

Safety Features

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant  Low Ambient Fan Cycling
Top Discharge Condenser Exhaust Low Pressure Refrigeration Control
Air Intake From Either Side for Easy Placement High Pressure Refrigeration Control
Washable Condenser Filters Low Water Flow Safety Shut-Off
Easy Access Electrical Panel Short Cycling Time Delay
Insulated Copper Piping Temperature Sensor Failure Protection
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Water Inline Strainer
Compressor Crankcase Heater  Low Pressure By-pass
G-90 Galvanized Cabinet Compressor Overload Protection
All Weather-Tight Components
Non-Corroding Insulated Water Tank
Water Level Viewing Ports
Water Tank Capacity of 100 Gallons
Dual Stainless Steel Pumps with Ball Valves
24 Volt Digital Temperature Control Module with On/Off Switch
Dual Compressors May Be Staged To Save Energy And Follow Demand

Options for Custom Designs & Modifications

Hot Gas By-Pass
Low Pressure By-Pass
Flooded Condenser With Receiver& Accumulator
Evaporator Heat Tape Freeze Protection
High Pressure Pump
Digital Capacity Control

Download Printable Chart.pdf

DIMENSIONS: DC 15-20 Packaged


FLOW DIAGRAM: DC 15-20 Packaged With Standard Dual Pump


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