Our Product Applications

Server Room

Applications of our products are limitless. Current uses include:

Commercial Air Conditioning

Swimming Pool Cooling

Food Processing

Drinking Water

Spot Cooling

Industrial Process Cooling

X-Ray Developer Cooling

P.E.T Scans

Computer Room Cooling

Laser Cooling

Cement Processing Plants

Ice Machine Pre-Cooling

Linear Accelerators

Clean Rooms

Sterilizer Cooling

Hydraulic Oil Cooling

Lab Testing

Hypothermia Blankets

Jacket Cooling

Plating Process Cooling

Residential Air Conditioning

Water Cooled Condensers

M.R.I Cooling

Welding Machine Cooling

Marine Cooling

Fish Tank Cooling

Roller Drum Cooling

Plastics Equipment Cooling

Beer Process Cooling

Dry Cleaning Machines

Injection Mold Cooling

Photo Process Cooling

Electronic Microscopes

Custom Designed Systems

And much, much more…

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