Evaporative Water Coolers

Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooler components are built to last. Using dual construction, the Evaporative Cooler incorporates non-corrosive PVC and ABS plastic or stainless steel parts for the water distribution system (the lowers, reservoir and water distributor) to prevent rusting out.

Heavy-gauge galvanized steel forms the cabinet side panels and other load bearing components for added durability. The Evaporative Coolers are available in many sizes as well as down or side discharge configurations to meet just about any design criteria. Cost-efficiency is realized through reduced service and maintenance cost and cooling efficiency.

Advantage Points

CONSTRUCTION: Heavy gauge galvanized steel is used for cabinet panels and other load bearing components. Vacuum-formed ABS plastic water reservoirs and thick polystyrene evaporative media shields keep water from coming into contact with the steel cabinet for long-lasting durability.

EVAPORATIVE MEDIA: The cellulose paper of the evaporative media is treated to ensure a high water absorption rate and to resist biological degradation.

FINISH: All steel components (excluding the blower wheel, shaft, and pulley) are chemically treated and covered with an electrostatically-applied polyester finish at a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mil to protect the cooler from scratches and corrosion. This finish meets or exceeds requirements for the following tests:

  • 1000-Hour Salt Spray Test-ASTM B117
  • Abrasion Resistance Test-ASTM 4060-84
  • Impact Resistance Test-ASTM D2794
  • 2400-Hour Imersion Test-ASTM D870
  • Adhesion Test-ASTM D3359

Modular Configurations


The unique modular design of the dual inlet side- and down-draft models are easy to reconfigure for difficult or customized installations.






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All measurements in inches.

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