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DC 7.5 Ton Refrigeration
Download Specifications PDF DC 7.5-10 Ton Refrigeration Specifications PDF
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DC 7.5-10 Ton Refrigeration
Construction Features Safety Features
Environmentally Friendly R-410A   ETL Listed
Top Discharge Condenser Exhaust   Low Ambient Fan Cycling
Air Intake From Either Side for Easy Placement   Low Pressure Refrigeration Control
Washable Condenser Filters   High Pressure Refrigeration Control
Easy Access Electrical Panel   Low Water Flow Safety Shut-Off
Insulated Copper Piping   Short Cycling Time Delay
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger   Temperature Sensor Failure Protection
Compressor Crankcase Heater   Water Inline Strainer
G-90 Galvanized Cabinet    
All Weather-Tight Components   Options for Custom Designs & Modifications
24 Volt Digital Temperature Control Module with On/Off Switch   Hot Gas By-Pass
    Low Pressure By-Pass
    Flooded Condenser With Receiver & Accumulator
    Evaporator Heat Tape Freeze Protection
Electrical SpecificationsELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS: DC 7.5-10 Ton Refrigeration
003572 WCDCR7.523 7.5 208/230 60 3 43.9 70 29.5 195
004331 WCDCR7.543 7.5 460 60 3 21.8 35 14.7 95
003571 WCDCR1023 10 208/230 60 3 48.6 80 33.3 239
004334 WCDCR1043 10 460 60 3 25.8 40 17.9 125
Specifications subject to change without notice.
DimensionsDIMENSIONS: DC 7.5-10 Ton Refrigeration
DC 7.5-10 Ton Refrigeration
Flow DiagramFLOW DIAGRAM: DC 7.5-10 Refrigeration With Optional Tank And Dual Pumps
DC 7.5-10 Ton Refrigeration

*Additional refrigeration units may be added to the water tank to create large capacity systems.

Optional Water Tanks and Pump (Click to learn more)

Water Tank Features

  • Water Tanks Are Manufactured From Linear Polyethylene In One Piece, Seamless Construction
  • These Industrial Tanks Are Designed For Either Indoor Or Outdoor Applications.
  • Flat Bottom Design Makes Installation Easy And Cost Efficient
  • Non-Corroding Insulated Water Tank
  • Translucent Tank Wall For Easy Water Level Viewing
  • Water Tank Capacities From 45 to 500 Gallons
  • Bulkhead Fittings Installed On Water Tank For Easy Field Connections

Pump Features

  • All Pumps Have Stainless Steel Head And Impellers
  • Process Pumps Ranging From 1HP to 7.5 HP
  • Chiller Circulating Pumps Ranging From 1 HP To 7.5 HP
  • High Pressure Pumps Available

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